Are you a newer or younger photographer who needs help designing and building a business and brand? Or maybe you’ve been in the photography industry for a couple years, but just need help refining your style, and need a second opinion with a little direction. Well, I’d love to be the person who helps you! I absolutely LOVE to teach, and share all that I’ve learned in my eight years of business. As someone who was a wedding studio manager for a couple of years, and then started my own portrait photography business, I’ve been around the block! I also majored in Marketing and Design, so would love to give you direction when it comes to the aesthetics and appeal of your business. I want you to book your ideal client, and have a photography business you are proud of!



"Lucy‘s guidance and mentorship on owning and running a photography business has been a turning point for me as a photographer and new business owner. Lucy’s expertise goes beyond her photography. She has a thorough understanding of business and offers advice that you didn’t even realize you needed! Her expertise is priceless, I couldn’t recommend her mentorship enough. Thank you Lucy!"

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things we can accomplish

-Website critique or initial direction in building one
-Choosing a brand story, color palette, and ideal client
-Defining your niche and deciding what or whom you would like to take pictures of
-Backing up images
-Social media help
-Shooting techniques
-Picture editing critique
-Advice on workflow and client management systems
-Point you in the direction of further education
-Q&A with me, to answer any questions that have been on your mind!

our mentor session

Please just fill out the contact form, let me know you’re interested in getting mentored, and we’ll get to it! We can meet either in person or over Zoom. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to encourage you and lead your a little farther down the path of a successful photography business!

Side note - if you are someone who just LOVES photography, and wants to learn how to take better pictures of your friends or family, I can help! I’d love to teach you some basic techniques, how to take a photo that is aesthetically pleasing, and how to capture a candid moment. Or maybe you got a nice camera for Christmas, and just want to learn how to take pictures in manual mode. Lt me know what you need, and I’d love to coach you too!

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